Need some tailored advice for
your vegan business or brand?

You've got some questions about how to start and/or grow your vegan brand.

You've read the books, listened to the podcasts, attended the webinars and maybe done a course or five.

And while you've learned a bunch of stuff, you're not quite sure what, when or how to implement it in your business.

This is where a private, one-on-one consulting session can help you.

I work with vegan and plant-based business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, authors and other creatives from across the globe.

Together we'll do a deep dive into your business and you'll leave the session with clear, practical strategies to help you take the next step in your vegan venture.

I offer a range of consulting services:

PR, Marketing &
Brand Building Consulting

PR Coaching & Media Training

I can help you with almost all your media queries. Having worked as a journalist for 25 years, I know what reporters are looking for (as well as what they don’t want).  

This is perfect if you’re looking for fast, expert help with no long-term financial commitment.

Here’s some examples of what I can help you with:  

• How to get your first piece of media publicity  

• How to raise the profile of your business or campaign  

• How to make your website media-friendly  

• How to put your online media kit together  

• Develop a lead magnet for your website (which you can also use as a giveaway to media audiences)  

• Find media outlets targeted to your audience  

• Find story angles and pitches that get journalists’ attention and increase the chance of them saying ‘yes’  

• Prepare ‘soundbites’ – honing your message in a nutshell (this is particularly important for TV and radio where you typically only get a few seconds or minutes – make each one count!)  

• Prepare for an interview with a journalist  

• How to stay on track during an interview to ensure your message comes across and avoid reporters’ sneaky traps designed to take you off topic and into saying stuff you may later regret or doesn’t best serve you  

• Put together a compelling media release for journalists which you can also use on your website to help drive traffic and increase customer engagement  

• Provide feedback on your pitch to a journalist (sent to me before our session)

Brand Building:

I can also help you create and build your brand, including:

  • Coming up with a business or brand name
  • Identifying your target market/s
  • How to position your brand to attract raving fans
  • Finding your brand 'voice'
  • Creating your personal brand and how this fits with your business
  • Content marketing strategies and copywriting advice

I will have done some research on you and your vegan brand before our call so you get the best value from our time together.

Vegan & Plant-Based Business Consulting

This is for you if you’re looking help on issues such as:  

• What’s happening in the vegan business sector and markets  

• How to promote your products or services to the vegan community  

• How to transition your career into this sector  

• And more

I will have done some research on you and your vegan brand before our call so you get the best value from our time together.

About Me

I'm an award-winning journalist, copywriter, content marketer and PR consultant who wrote the first ever book of its kind: Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business.   

I've written for and been quoted in a wide range of niche and mainstream media in the UK, US and Australia, including Forbes and the BBC over the past two decades.  

I'm the creator of Vegan Business Media, a content, events and training platform providing success strategies and resources to vegan and plant-based business owners and entrepreneurs.  

I'm the host of the popular Vegan Business Talk podcast and regularly speak at global events on the growing vegan and plant-based business sector.

My mission is a vegan world, so I'm committed to helping you achieve success with your brand.  

I've consulted and worked with a diverse range of companies, experts and entrepreneurs including:

“What I thoroughly appreciated was being able to consult with Katrina on various strategies. She is very well connected in the vegan and plant-based business space and is full of expert PR and marketing knowledge."

— Claire Smith, Beyond Animal & Vegan ETF

What my clients say


“It’s been great working with Katrina, having someone I can go to and support me with various projects over the last few months.

These included giving a talk at VegFest Summerfest Online, streamlining and updating my website and getting clear on my offers.

With Katrina’s help I’m delighted to say that I’m now writing articles for Plant Based News.

There are so many things I want to do in my business and staying focused can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Our monthly call really helped to keep me focused and on track and it was incredibly helpful to be able to contact Katrina in-between those sessions to get her input and feedback.

Katrina is just a wealth of information and obviously really knows her stuff when it comes to the world of vegan and plant-based PR and marketing."


“When I hired Katrina as a coach, I was launching a vegan business that had a solid vision but no exposure.

Katrina was invaluable in helping me find my footing in the vegan and plant-based space.

She is the ultimate connector. She helped me network and gain exposure among some of the biggest names in the vegan and plant-based space.

And at the same time, she helped me refine my content to ensure that I would be most impactful in finding clients and collaborators.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Katrina and I would strongly recommend her as a coach to anyone who is looking to get their vegan or plant-based business off the ground fast!”


“We are extremely happy that we employed the services of Katrina Fox PR to raise the profile of our company, The Fry Family Food Co, as well as my profile as a plant-based health and fitness influencer in Australia and the USA.  

“The results of her work spoke for themselves – they included a five-page feature on the Fry family in Vegan Health & Fitness magazine, inclusion of Fry’s recipes in an upcoming major plant-based cookbook, and several other articles and interviews.  

“Katrina is not only hardworking, but really easy to work with. She remains flexible in her approach and can see fantastic opportunities as they arise. She is well connected and respected in the ‘plant-based world’. I would highly recommend her services.”


“I had just launched an equity crowdfunding campaign for my new online marketplace, Billion Vegans, and wanted to get this in front of the vegan community. I hired Katrina because I felt we’d be in safe hands, due to her extensive networks in vegan circles as well as her strong PR skills.  

“I’m delighted with the results we got. Within the first 24 hours of gaining our first piece of media coverage, our equity crowdfunding amount doubled, enabling us to reach the minimum target to allow us to keep fundraising, and product sales tripled.  

“It was a pleasure working with Katrina, who not only promoted our brand but championed it and also offered valuable advice on profile-raising in general. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and highly recommend her services.”


“I strongly recommend Katrina Fox for your employment. Katrina has been a terrific media colleague, key collaborator and excellent vendor for and with me over these last couple of years.  

“As an ace vendor, she’s deftly partnered with our Vegan Travel Club team to produce multiple outstanding press releases. Part of that was her thoroughness and speed. And other part of that was her making sure we were very well prepared for media attention with some expert advice around press release distribution, photo formatting online, and other PR strategy.”


“Katrina’s assistance with our publicity campaign was professional, comprehensive, well-informed and effective.  

“Katrina was generous with her knowledge, a pleasure to work with, and went out of her way to help us meet our goals.  

“Our campaign achieved much greater reach than it would have without her assistance.”


“I hired Vegan Business Media’s PR services to raise awareness in the vegan and animal rights media and community of the vegan-friendly and climate-conscious exchange traded fund that I and my team at Beyond Investing created. 

“What I thoroughly appreciated was being able to consult with Katrina on various strategies. She is very well connected in the vegan and plant-based business space and is full of expert PR and marketing knowledge. 

“I highly recommend her company’s services and am keen to work with her again.” 


“I hired Katrina to help me get published in the media. She knows the ins and outs of journalism, what editors want and expect, and explained the process to me as we went along so I could do it on my own. 

“She helped me get published on One Green Planet where my article was seen by thousands of people and I’ve learned a lot about putting together compelling pitches and writing for target audiences. 

“Katrina was very responsive to my questions and concerns and is also great fun to work with. I continue to consult with her on other projects and highly recommend her media coaching services.”  


“Approaching the media had been a blind spot for my business, mainly because I didn’t know how to go about it and just felt out of my depth in general. 

“Katrina’s coaching helped make it manageable and led to some specific actions that have already increased the visibility of my personal profile and brand. 

“Highly recommended as someone who knows their stuff.”  


“My PR and media training consultation call with Katrina gave me an excellent appreciation for the media and the best tactics to use to get press coverage for my work. I now feel like PR is something I can handle, rather than being a mysterious enigma, best left to the professionals.  

“Katrina's personable style made the consultation a pleasure and her experience meant that all my questions were quickly and clearly answered.  

“As a result of my new-found knowledge I have already had coverage in The Advertiser (Adelaide's major newspaper) and will be covered in Nourish magazine, a national monthly publication.”  

Consultations for all budgets

Whether you're a solopreneur or boot-strapped startup, or a larger company, you can choose from 20-minute, 60-minute or 90-minute sessions with me.

All calls are done via Zoom, either online with video, or you can dial into a local number with your phone. 

After you've chosen your option below and filled out the form, you'll receive details of how to schedule a time and date for your session as well as instructions of how to join the call. 


Need to pick my brain on something specific? This session is ideal for that or to ask a couple of questions.

  • Research/review by me before the session
  • 20-minute private session
  • Recording of call available

$150 AUD

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Order Summary
Consultation with Katrina Fox 20 minutes


✨✨ Best value ✨✨

Do you have several questions you want to ask? Or want a deep-dive session where you come away with a strategy and plenty of actionable tips? Choose this option.

  • Detailed research/review by me before the session
  • 90-minute private session
  • Recording of call available
  • Written bullet point notes of key points from session
  • Best value (save $175 AUD)

$500 AUD

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Order Summary
Consultation with Katrina Fox 90 minutes


Need a detailed dive into your business, PR or marketing strategy? Spend an hour with me to get clarity and actionable next steps.

  • Detailed research/review by me before the session
  • 60-minute private session
  • Recording of call available
  • Written bullet point notes of key points from session

$450 AUD

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Order Summary
Consultation With Katrina Fox 1 Hour

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